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How To Retain Your Fans

Jan 10, 2023
You make stunning photos and videos, yet you are seeing your fan numbers decline? What might be the cause? Here are a few tips that will help u focus on your fans, so they keep focusing on you.
  1. Be You

    Everyone is different, and so are you. We do not like answers coming from a roboter, do we? So, when chatting with your fans, be who u are, funny, creative, sexy... anything you want and are comfortable with.
  2. Communicate Regularly

    Keep your fans up-to-date with Mass DMs regularly. It seems minor but this can make a huge difference compared to "only" posting new content on your feed. By chatting with your fans and interact with them they will be more engaged and stick around with you. Communication, consistent communication, is key!
  3. Be Consistent

    Keep consistent with posting and messages. Doing so keeps your fans engaged and they are less likely to leave. Infrequent updates can lead to a loss in interest and money in your pocket.
  4. Engage with your fans

    Ask your fans questions, how they day is going, what they have been up to lately ... This increase the engagement and those fans are more likely to tip you as well.
  5. Make different content

    Dont publish the same content on every social site, instead create exclusive content for FansyMe only.
  6. Appreciation & Rewards

    Show your appreciation to tips, ppv purchases, comments, and likes. Do not just take tips for granted. Show your apprecaition by sending your most favorite fans a thank you or special content.
The happier your fans are, the happier your earnings are ☺️
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