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Why & How To Set Up Your Welcome Message

Jan 31, 2023
A really helpful tip is creating a welcome message to greet your new subscribers and make them feel welcome. It is typically used to introduce yourself and sets the expectations of the type of content that you provide.

A welcome message can and should also be used to communicate your guidelines. This will help ensure that your subscribers are aware of what is acceptable behaviour on your page.

But that's not all. You can also invite your followers to comment and like your posts in return for a special video and or any other perks. The more likes and attention your posts get the more attention your profile gets.

Overall a welcome message is an important tool for creators to connect with new subscribers and build a relationship, set expectations, highlight the value of your content and set out guidlines.

To set up your welcome message, click "more" or your on your profile, go to "settings - messages" and activate welcome message.

An example of a welcome message could be the following:

"Welcome to my fansyME Page. My name is [creator’s name] and I am very excited for you to join me here. I create a a lot of different kinds of content, for example [list types of content].

As a subscriber you have access to all my premium (subscriber) posts and updates. You can also message me here and get to know me better.

Thanks again for joining and I can not wait to get to know you. 

Yours [creator’s name]" 
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