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What Does PPV Mean On fansyME?

Jan 31, 2023
You see PPV everywhere but you have no clue what it means? Let us explain.

PPV is an abbreviation for Pay Per View. Basically it means that ANYONE has to pay money to unlock a specific post (video or photo).

Pay Per View is different from setting up a monthly fee for your profile. While establishing a good monthly fee is vital, PPV is an additional tool to earn money.

In short, subscribers can unlock all "Subscriber Only" posts with a monthly fee. BUT they can not unlock a PPV post. For every PPV you can set a different price and subscribers and non subscribers have to pay this price to unlock the content.

Using PPV in your Posts

You can use PPV in 2 different ways. The first one is in your posts. As you might have already noticed there are 3 options for posting on your timeline on fansyME. The first one is “”Free”, which anyone can see even users that are not logged in. “Subscriber Only'' can only be viewed by people who subscribed to your profile on a monthly basis. And lastly, there is “PPV - Pay Per View”.

Using PPV In Messages

If you do not wish to publish PPV content on your profile (timeline) then you can easily send a message to all your subscribers. Be sure to add a greeting and some text to your message and then enter the price you would like your subscribers to pay.

What are Previews?

What is a preview for? Previews are basically teasers for subscribers as well as free followers. You have a higher chance of selling a PPV if you have a preview. Make sure to properly censor your preview. Do NOT use nudity.
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