by FansyMe

What does "Pending Balance" mean?

Feb 02, 2023
You wanted to pay out and wondered what the difference between your "Balance" and your "Pending Balance" is? Look no further, we will explain this in simple terms.

In short  pending balance is the money you earn from (subscriptions, tips and PPV) but can not withdraw YET. All your earnings go to your pending balance first. After 8 days, the funds will transfer to your current balance.

Let's say someone subscribes to your account on the 1. of April. The money will be in your "Pending Balance" until he 7th. From the 8th of April the money is available in your main "Balance" and can be withdrawn. This method works on a rolling basis. So when you receive money on the 15th of April, your money will become available on the 23rd of April.
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