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Top Reasons To Start Promoting on Reddit

Jan 10, 2023
Cross promoting on different platforms can be challenging. Reddit is an amazing Social Media Platform. Let's find out why!

Communities / Subreddits

Reddit is amazing in segmenting communities, aka Subreddits (Niche Communities). Subreddits are incredible because potential fans can search dfor anything as specific or as broad as you can imagine. Here are some subreddits so you know what we are talking about: You have a much greater chance of being discovered by posting in as many subreddits as you like. Just think of Reddit as the 'matchmaker' of content creators and fans.

Higher Engagement & Visibility

Subreddits on Reddit work differently than Twitter and Instagram. Unlike on Twitter or Instagram posts do not get ordered by the timing but rather a system of 'Karma'. Karma is basically a voting system where users give a thumbs up or thumbs down on your post. The more likes you receive on your post the higher the chance of you staying on top in the hierarchy. In order to break through the many posts and hierarchy try to build as many connections as possible via SFS.

You then ask your community to like your post giving it much more traffic and momentum. This way your traffic increases and in turn you will receive a higher rating keeping it visible to as many users in the reddit community as possible.

Now the Sneaky Part :)

You can get more traction and traffic by posting in non-related subreddits as well. Be careful though as Reddit communities have moderators. Just try to engage in different reddits that are possibly close to your target group but do not mention anything about content creation and do not add a link. Instead drive traffic to your main reddit profile and then link to your account.
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