Here’s what you need to know to be the best content creator YOU can be!

Feb 17, 2022 · by FansyMe
Working habits can be hard to have when you work for yourself. Successful content creators have had to learn and train good habits to be able to be the best. You need to practice these skills and have discipline. Here are some good habits to have to guide you succeed.

Who are you?

If you don’t know yourself how are your audience going to know you? Your audience is coming back for YOU. Others may have similar content, but yours is yours, and that’s what makes your content special. 

Who are your fans?

To be able to produce the best content, you need to know who your fans are. Knowing what your fans like or dislikes can help you tailor the content to ensure everyone is happy. When your fans is happy, you will find that they will engage more with your content

Engage with your fans

The job doesn’t end when you post, you need to also engage with your fans. Don’t be shy to message them or reply to their comments! The more they feel close and invested, the more they will continue to support you!


As any good business, you need to have a strategy and a plan. Just because you are now working for yourself doesn’t mean you can slack off. Success doesn’t happen overnight and requires a lot of hard work and patience. Make a strategy and plan that helps you reach your goals!

Every idea is a good idea

Get into the habit of writing down every idea! Even if they seem silly or ridiculous, write them down! Some of the best ideas can seem like the silliest and you never know if one of your ideas may just be the one that propels you to success!

Keep up to date

Stay in the loop with the latest in your industry! Learning doesn’t stop in high school. Keep educating yourself with the latest trends and notable people to stay relevant. In order to grow and keep evolving your content, you need to keep learning! 

Reuse your content

Just because you’ve posted the same content a year ago doesn’t mean you can’t reuse it. Don’t be shy to reuse old content as there may be new fans who haven’t seen them! You can even recycle your old content and make edits and adjustments to give a fresh look!
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