Level Up

Mar 27, 2024 · by FansyMe

Are you passionate and dedicated? Show your commitment to your favorite creators and influencers! Introducing our new level/rank system, designed to celebrate and reward your unwavering dedication to our platform."

We have 100 levels, divided into 8 ranks. Each rank will give you cool new features, such as new badges and perks. For example, you could personalize the website design with your own color, or access boosted messages as an icon or legend.

There are numerous ways to accumulate points for each level, including activities like commenting and liking, but most notably, subscribing to users or making purchases. You'll discover all the specifics when viewing your own ranking. As you amass more points, you'll ascend higher and unlock enhanced rewards along the journey.

Interact with the community and start collecting points. Whether you're a casual participant or a dedicated enthusiast, there's a level for everyone, and the rewards are waiting to be unlocked.

Are you ready to become a legend and be recognised? We are always working on new perks, stay tuned!

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