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Dec 14, 2021 · by FansyMe
Starting with FansyMe - How to Make Money

This FansyMe Guide is here to help you get started quickly and make money. We explain to you how to promote your profile to ultimately make more money. FansyMe is considered one of the top alternatives of OnlyFans. 

Why choose FansyMe? 
  • Earn 80% of all your Earnings
  • Earn 5% referral commission for LIFE!
  • One Account for everything, NO MORE free and paid accounts giving you more time to engage with your fans
  • More Transparency
  • Lots of Payout Options
How to Make Money on FansyMe

Similar to other platforms, there are a number of ways to earn money on FansyMe. 
  • Earn money by receiving a monthly subscription fee so fans can see your exclusive / locked content
  • Create custom paid posts - charge your fans a one off fee to unlock custom content (e.g. special content that took a lot more effort to create)
  • Receive tips through messages, posts or on your profile
What are Content Types?
  1. FREE POSTS (Anyone can see - No Nudity)
    Public content can be seen by anyone and has to be safe for work and NOT include any nudity. Use it to your advantage, teas your fans with what content they can expect when subscribing.
  2. PREMIUM POSTS (For Subscribers Only)
    Locked content can only be accessed by paying subscribers and can include any content, including nudity.
  3. PPV (Per Per View)
    Custom content posts are also called Pay Per View (PPV). You can set the price for each individual post differently, both in chat and on your feed.
Things To Do When You Sign up on FansyMe
  1. Set the right subscription price

    Set a reasonable price between $9.99 and $15.99, depending on your content and how often you will be posting. We do recommend a minimum of $4.99 and a maximum of $49.99.
  2. Promote your FansyMe Link

    There are plenty of options to promote you link, such as twitter, reddit or by using services such as linktree and promoting in on instagram. 
  3. Tease your Audience

    You want to draw as much attention as possible to your content. Post "public" content to give people a glimps of what your paid content looks like. With FansyMe, you only need one account. No more switching between a paid and free account. Please do not post any nudity on public posts.
  4. Talk to your Fans, Be Consistent!

    Happy fans generate more money. So just imagine you are the fan now, what do you expect from your creator? Is one post a week or a month enough? Probably not.. Try to keep a regular and consistent posting strategy. The most money creators make is when they post 3-5 times a week. Keep your fans updated about your life, involve them, engage and reply to comments.
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