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Jan 17, 2024 · by FansyMe

Invite fellow Users/Creators to join our community using your personalized referral links, and watch your earnings soar! By doing so, you'll enjoy three fantastic income streams:

Earn 80% Revenue Share

Receive a whopping 80% of all the income generated from your subscriptions, tips, pay-per-view, chats, video calls, and more!

Up to 10% from Your Referred Fans

Get a generous share of up to 10% from the revenues of users who joined through your referral but are now engaging with other creators on our platform.

5% from Your Referred Creators

Boost your earnings further by receiving 5% of all the income generated by creators who signed up using your referral link.

Seize this opportunity to maximize your income effortlessly while expanding our community. Start inviting today and unlock the full potential of your earnings!

How to Get Started

Use any of these 3 links and earn 5% from the net sales of your referred creator and up to 10% of your fan referrals! Copy the link and send it to your friends to sign up.

Sign-Up Page with your Referral:

Creator Page with Referral:

Creator Page with alternative Referral:

Example Links Only - Access your referrals and unique links here.

How to Create Custom Fan Referral Links:

You don't have to be a content creator to earn money on our platform. You can also make money by referring other users or fans to any of our incredible models.

It's as simple as adding "?ref=YOURUSERNAME" to the URL of any model on our platform.


Have Questions?

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to email us at support@fansyme.com. We're here to help!

Share the love and boost everyone's success!

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