Learn What Your Subscribers Really Want

Jan 10, 2023 · by FansyMe
Talk Regularly

A key aspect to success is sending Mass DMs to all your subscribers. This way you can stay connected with all your fans and remind them that you are still active. So if you want to keep them for a long time, do not just post content but also send them messages and engage with them.

Make them feel special & engaged

Your fans do not want to feel like they have just subscribed to another generic content creator platform. They want to feel special. The way you can help your fans put money in your pocket is by engaging with them on a regular basis. Reply to messages, comments and likes. You can also ask your fans about their opinions on "What photo do you think you like most", "Should I buy this or that"...

Another important aspect is to also post personal photos, daily updates like you buying grocieres. If fans see you only post professional photos from photographers they might feel out of touch, not personal enough. Put in some effort, the devil is in the details.

Offer free content

As you already you, on FansyMe you can upload content for Free Followers, Subscribers and Custom PPV. By uploading free content, you attract potential new fans to sign up to your paid content.

Custom Content

Custom content is another unique way to engage with your fans. This is one of the best ways to keeping subscribers connected with you.
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