Save Time & Schedule Your Posts

Jun 30, 2023 · by FansyMe
We all sometimes get caught up in a busy lifestyle, work, friends and so much more. So why not optimize some parts of your life so you have more time for yourself?

Scheduling works pretty similar to Instagram. You upload as many posts as you wish but they don't go live, yet! Instead you set a specifc date and time to every post. You can schedule for later in the day, week, month or even year.

There are several benefits why you should consider scheduling your content in advance. Here are a few benefits that you may be able to benefit from:

Consistent Posting

Posting reguarly helps build a relationship with your fans and keeps them engaged and interested. You can decide if you want to post every 6, 12 or 24hours. You can schedule ahead daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly. Consider posting more often on holidays to keep people excited especially when they are off work and have a lot of free time.

Best Times to Post

Depending on where most of your users are from, you can schedule your content accordingly. Make notice of when you get the most engagement and look for trends when to post.

Post When You Are Away

As we already mentioned, everyone has a personal life to take care of and doesn't want to be online 24/7. With scheduling you can set aside a day or two per week to do all your content posting. Moreover, if you ever go on holiday, scheduling is a must.

Save Time

By batch procesing part of your content creation you will save a lot of time that you can use to be creative or enjoy offline with friends and family. It is extremely easy to set a specifc time when a post will appear online. Click the third calendar symbol and a popup will appear. Choose the date and time and off you go, that's it.

You can always change the time and date of any of your scheduled posts.

Schedule your post here.
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